Communication skills turning managers into leaders

In this blog I will introduce the concept of Leader Talk Cards.

These cards represent the communication skills needed to make the transition from manager to leader. Leaders need to inspire, demonstrate expertise and build trust with the team. Leaders must learn to exercise their leadership through critical conversations that move the organization forward. 

Suddenly I was the boss—over my friends whom I have known for decades.

Bill Donohue Biography

Dr. Bill Donohue is a Distinguished Professor of Communication at Michigan State University. A Cleveland, Ohio, native, he received a BA from Bowling Green University and went on to earn his M.A. and Ph.D. in Communication from The Ohio State University.

Bill’s Newest Book

Critical Conversations as Leadership: Driving Change with Card Talk.
Donohue, W.A. (2018) 
Canton, MI:  Frontedge Publishing.

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Innovation as a Strategy and Not a “One-Off” Event

All organizations should fully embrace innovation around the customer experience. In reality, strategic innovation is driven by the customer’s needs. Do your employees know how to play the Innovator Card – and will you support it and work to develop it?

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The Cards: They Are A’Changin’

A manager isn’t always a team leader. Think about how a Manager Card is different than the Team Leader Card when managing your staff – or even if they’re managing you!

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Card Talk and the Customer-centric Culture

Most organizations want to talk about their internal culture. Yet leaders must steer the dialogue to address their out-facing culture. A customer-centric company culture sets the tone for internal values.

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Playing games: Finite or infinite?

Does the communication “game” you’re engaged in have a known number of players, a specific set of rules and an objective? If not – beware – it may be a time-consuming infinite talk game.

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